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The long drive to Crab Island / Destin from 30a.

Do you know it takes 1.5 hours to drive to Destin or Crab Island by car in the spring or summer from most any location on 30a. If you want to go to the Destin Harbor and rent a pontoon rental boat it will also take you another 10-20 minutes to park and walk down to the dock. This doesn't include the 20 minutes it takes to cruise out to Crab Island. Overall it's a 2.5 hour experience one way (5 hours both).

Why drive all the way to Destin or Crab Island when you can pick up a pontoon rental boat here on 30a. Plus, instead of being on a 50 hp pontoon, you will ride on a beautiful 150 hp tritoon or 150 hp double decker tritoon with water slide.

30a Pontoon Rental also offers Polaris Slingshot rentals for the 30a area. Visit

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