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Pontoon Rentals Crab Island

Crab Island is a fabulous 2-4 foot deep sand bar where boaters can drop anchor, relax, play, swim, snorkel for crabs, etc.   Crab Island is a great place to bring families, bachelorette parties, corporate events, etc.   

30a Pontoon Rental offers
-150 hp 28 foot Tritoons
-200 hp 28 foot tritoons
-150 hp 28 foot double decker tritoons with slides
-200 hp 28 foot double decker tritoons with slides.

-Yacht Charters
-Deep Sea Fishing Charters
-Aviara Boat
-Inshore Fishing Charters.  

IS CRAB ISLAND ACTUALLY AN ISLAND?- Actually, Crab Island was an Island back in the 70's and before, but it's now a sandbar.   The water is 2-4 feet deep in most places and usually crystal clear. 

2. IS THERE ANYWHERE TO EAT AT CRAB ISLAND WHILE ON OUR PONTOON RENTAL?-There is one food float at Crab Island with burgers, fries and a few other things.   It's usually in the center.  You have to walk in the water to the location.   It's fairly expensive.  There are also small boats with things like Ice Cream, Boiled Peanuts, an drinks.   Not far from Crab Island is the famous Lulu's restaurant owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister. 

3. WHAT IS THERE TO DO AT CRAB ISLAND ON OUR PONTOON RENTAL- Crab Island a place to relax, play, and have fun.  Guests drop anchor, roll out the 18 X 6 floating pads, throw frisbees or footballs, slide down water slides, etc.   We encourage guests to bring water toys. 

4. CAN WE SNORKEL AT CRAB ISLAND?  By law I'm not allowed to provide snorkeling equipment.  Honestly, there isn't much to see at Crab Island.  Every now and then you can see a cute crab cruise by or some small fish, but for the most part, there isn't a ton of wildlife in that area. 

5. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE US TO GET TO CRAB ISLAND ON OUR PONTOON RENTAL?  This depends on the boat, how many people are on your boat, wind, current, etc.   If you rent a single decker 200 hp you can get there in 35 minutes.  If you rent a 150 hp double decker it can take around 50 minutes.   It's still about 2-3 times faster to go by boat, than it is by car.   Let me explain...
Driving down to Destin by car takes an average of 1 hour.  It takes 20 minutes to pay and park.  Once you are there, you have to unload your equipment and bring it to the dock.  That can sometimes take 20 minutes.  Then you have to wait for your training (20 minutes).  Then training takes 20 minutes.  Then it takes about 20 minutes to get to Crab Island. 

With 30a Pontoon Rental you can be at the dock in 10-20 minutes from anywhere on 30a, immediately be on the boat, and be at Crab Island in around 45 minutes.  PLUS, you get 6 hours on the water instead of 4. 


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