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30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers 3 different Pontoon Rental Boating options.   

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150 hp Double Decker Pontoon With Water Slide
Pontoon Rental Santa Rosa Beach Pontoon

Why rent a  basic 23 foot, $20,000, 50 hp pontoon rental boat when you can rent a beautiful 28 foot, 150 hp, $95,000 premium, luxury double decker pontoon rental with slide.  You will not find a nicer pontoon rental boat on the panhandle.  This 8-12 passenger double decker tritoon pontoon rental is 28 feet long, has 150 hp, and comes with a water slide.    Bring your friends, family, business associates, etc. and come have a blast on this double decker pontoon rental with water slide.  (ASK ABOUT CAPTAINED CHARTERS)

12 Passenger 150 hp Premium
Avalon 2021 model  

There is not another pontoon rental boat on the market like this.  30a Pontoon rental in Santa Rosa Beach is now offering a 28 foot, 8-12 passenger, 150 hp trioon.   This is 5 feet longer than the typical pontoon rental boat and has even more power than the typical 150 hp boat.  This 150 hp tritoon is an absolutely beautiful boat.   One significant feature is the front deck on this fabulous pontoon rental boat.  A great place to hang out.   (ASK ABOUT CAPTAINED CHARTERS)

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30a Pontoon Rental offers pontoon rentals in santa rosa beach.  If you are on 30a and want a pontoon rental boat, we are only 10-20 minutes from Rosemary, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Alys Beach, Sandestin, Seaside, Rosemary, Etc.   We drive all the way to Destin or Panama City for a Pontoon rental boat when you can be on a 150 hp tritoon and get there faster.   30a Pontoon Rental offers the best pontoon rental boats on the market.  #pontoon #boatrental #santarosabeach #rosemarybeach #seaside #inletbeach #graytonbeach #crabsiland

30a Pontoon Rental

-28 foot as compared to 23 foot

150 hp as compared to 50 hp

-6 hours as compared to 4 hrs

-$85,000-$100,000 tritoons as compared to $25,000 pontoons.

200 hp available next Spring

Prices fluctuate with seasons and holidays.   Prices listed on booking page when you make reservation. 

30a Pontoon Rental GAS PRICES-
Each boat comes with a full tank of gas.  If gas prices go up from January 1, 2022 gas prices, there is a possibility of a fuel surcharge at the end of your rental. 




WEATHER - 30a Pontoon Rental /SRBPR strives to give our clients the best experience possible on the water. However, the panhandle is notorious for unexpected weather and things can change quickly and dramatically. 30a Pontoon Rental /SRBPR does our absolute best to inform you of developing weather patterns. However, it's challenging because the weather channels are not always accurate. If, at the beginning of the day, we see most of your day forecasted to be inclement weather (storms with high winds, lightning, etc) we may cancel your reservation. In the event, 30a Pontoon Rental /SRBPR do cancel, the customer may then choose between a refund or a credit. If there is significant inclement weather in your area (storms with high winds, lightning etc.) that develop during your event and we call you back to the dock canceling or cutting short your outing, you will be provided a partial credit. 30a Pontoon Rental /SRBPR does not cancel or offer refunds for rain showers that develop while on the water. If you choose to go out and it rains, you have accepted that risk.  30a Pontoon Rental and 30a Yacht Charter does not cancel for COLD WEATHER.  

RENTERS INSURANCE - There are times when the weather forecast is not accurate and winds change or rains increase unexpectedly.   In these circumstances, 30 Pontoon Rental does not refund any money.  This becomes the risk of the customer.   We encourage our renters to get RENTAL INSURANCE for these situations. 


A pontoon rental boat is a crowd favorite for multiple reasons.  Most ski boats, fishing boats, sailboats, etc. have limited seating, sit high off the water, or the size of the rental boat can cause a rough ride.  A pontoon rental boat allows guests to have more room to enjoy the water.   They are typically safer for inexperienced boaters and have plenty of shade for guest needing protection from the sun.


A typical pontoon rental boat in the state of Florida for a private party is a 23 foot, 50 hp, pontoon. Ours are 28 foot, 150 and 200 hp tritoons. Our boats are typically 2-3 times faster than typical pontoon rental boats. The third toon makes our boats more buoyant giving you a safer and smoother ride. The additional 5 feet gives our guests plenty room to have up to 12 people. Our single decker pontoon rental boats are rated for 18 people. Our double decker pontoon rental boats are rated for 14. However, due to United States Coast Guard rules, the maximum capacity on a pontoon rental is 12 passengers.


Pontoon rental boats have a maximum capacity in number and weight. Our single decker pontoon rental boats are rated for 18 people. Our double decker pontoon rental boats are rated for 14. However, due to United States Coast Guard rules, the maximum capacity on a pontoon rental is 12 passengers. The only exception is if you hire a captain. The Captain on your pontoon rental can be your 13th person. PLEASE NOTE: Children are included in this count. The US Coast Guard counts heads. It doesn’t matter if they are 5 lbs. or 105 lbs., the coast guard is concerned with the number of people on your pontoon rental boat.


Have more than 12 people? Don’t worry. About 1/3 of our rentals are more than 12 passengers. We can easily accommodate more than 12 with a second boat. We recommend one single passenger boat and one double decker with slide. It gives our pontoon rental customers a variety of fun boating experiences. 


30A Location - 30a Pontoon Rental is located in the beautiful Florida panhandle between Destin and Panama City Beach in the 30a community. 30a Pontoon Rental is just minutes from Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Alys Beach, Seagrove, Seacrest, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Inlet Beach, Sandestin, etc. Why drive all the way to Destin or Crab Island for a pontoon rental boat when you can pick up a boat in the 30a area and save over 1 hour each way.

Destin Location - Although our main pontoon rental boats are in the 30a area near Rosemary, Seaside, Grayton Beach, etc. area 30a Pontoon Rental has one pontoon rental boat in the Destin Harbor. However, this boat is only a 4-hour rental and is captained.



30a Pontoon Rental highly recommends captains. We don’t have many accidents every year with our guests, but when we do 100% of them are non-captained boats. Boat parts are expensive. We’ve had clients damage our boats and other boats simultaneously with damages of up to $20,000. There are times when these damages are a result of a gust of wind or another boat that doesn’t operate appropriately.


It’s always important to have a skilled driver on your pontoon rental boat to insure you don’t have to pay for costly repairs. A $70.00 an hour captain can save you $1000’s. Plus, a captain can give you a great tour of the local attractions. Our pontoon rental guests always tell us they were thankful they hired a driver. Our guests also always tell us hiring a pontoon rental captain gave them peace of mind and allowed them to enjoy their pontoon rental experience more. 


Great Question. There at tons of really fun things to do while out on the water. 

CRAB ISLAND - Probably 95% of our guest’s head to Crab Island to enjoy the beautiful waters and fun activities. Crab Island is a shallow body of crystal-clear blue water (about 2-4 feet deep) where guests pull up a boat, drop anchor and play. 30a Pontoon Rental offers a variety of fun things to do while at Crab Island. Those are listed below.

HOLIDAY ISLE - Holiday Isle is a fabulous community in the Destin Harbor where you can see luxury homes, beautiful boats, and fabulous landscapes. 30a Pontoon Rental guests can cruise the canals between the homes to get a back view of these beautiful properties.


THE DESTIN HARBOR - The Destin Harbor is an incredible atmosphere filled with great restaurants, shopping, climbing walls, gorgeous boats, etc. It’s always fun to take a pontoon rental through a cruise in the Destin Harbor. Plus, it’s just around the corner from Crab Island.


DEWEY DESTIN’S - Dewey Destin’s is a hot spot for many travelers. They have two locations on the water. The first is what we will call their DIVE. The atmosphere is rustic, and the food is fabulous. Dewey Destin’s also has a more formal atmosphere in the Destin Harbor. We encourage guests to bring a nicer change of clothes. We ask that only captained boats use Dewey Destin’s due to the complex nature of their dock. 


LULU’S - Lulu’s is owned by Jimmy Buffett’s sister. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining. Lulu’s has a really cool store with fun tourist style t-shirts, hats, etc. In addition, Lulu’s offers a great outdoor beach atmosphere with a bar. The Beach has a variety of fun activities for kids. Lulu’s is halfway between Destin and the 30a area located by the mid-bay bridge. We ask that our pontoon rental guests park at least 50-75 yards away from the seawall and at least 100 feet from another boat and anchor securely. 


BAYOU’S - While you are out on our luxury pontoon rentals enjoy the beautiful homes from the 30a area to Destin in the Bayou’s. These are some of the most beautiful homes on the panhandle. Plus, you get to enjoy another side of Santa Rosa Beach, Sandestin, Miramar Beach and Destin.


30a Pontoon Rental offers a ton of fun add on’s for your pontoon rental experience in the 30a, Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Grayton Beach, and Destin area.


They are the following:

FLOATING PADS - 30a Pontoon Rental offers our guests the super fun 18 X 6 floating pads. Our floating pads allow our guests the ability to relax on the water while soaking in the sun. They are large enough to accommodate all 12 guests. Plus, the kids love playing king of the mountain on our floating pads. 

YOLO BOARDS - A yolo board is an 11-foot paddle board where you can test your balancing skills. Guests can paddle over the clear blue water while also enjoying the views of the wildlife below.

TUBES - 30a Pontoon Rental offers the super fun two person tubes. There are many areas in the bay where you can test your tubing skills. Guests can only rent two person tubes in our single decker pontoon rentals. Our double-decker pontoon rentals are not designed to pull equipment.

KARAOKE MACHINES - Test your American Idol skills as you sing your heart out with our 100-Watt Karaoke Machine. You’ll either draw a crowd or scare them away. Either way, it’s a blast. Even if you don’t use the microphone, our Karaoke machines are Bluetooth where you can play your own music. What a fun way to have fun on your 30a Pontoon Rental boat. 

COOLERS - 30a Pontoon Rental offers 80-quart and 100-quart coolers. Please note: Coolers aren’t just for food and beverages. It’s a great idea to put anything you want to stay dry in a cooler. You may want to rent two.

GO PRO - Capture your above water and under water memories with a go pro type underwater camera. Make sure to bring back memories of your 30a Pontoon Rental experience. 


A typical pontoon rental boat is 23 feet and has two tubes underneath. These toons keep the pontoon rental boat elevated above the water about 12-16 inches. Our pontoon rental boats are actually tritoons (3rd toon) . Each of our pontoon rental boats have an additional tube or toon underneath. This makes the boat more buoyant, giving the boat a smoother ride. Also, if ever a client hit a sharp object with a pontoon, that toon will take on water. It’s always safer to have three toons underneath the boat instead of 2. Another great feature of a third toon is speed. Due to the fact that a trioon sits higher in the water, it has less surface area affected by the water. Our boats are 2-3 times faster than the typical pontoon rental boat. 


Yes, guests are allowed to bring alcohol, but the Coast Guard strictly prohibits drivers from being under the influence of alcohol. Most accidents on the water happen as a result of alcohol. It dramatically impairs guest ability to operate a boat. Also, the fees for a ticket on the water are really high. If all members of your pontoon rental part want to drink on our pontoon rental boats, we strongly suggest a captain.


The United States Coast Guard requires guests to be born on or before January of 1988. However, anyone over 30 years of age can take a Boaters Certificate course and be allowed to drive our pontoon rentals. Are you under 30 and still want to rent a pontoon rental boat? We allow guests 25 years of age or older to rent a pontoon rental boat as long as they hire a captain or designated master to operate our pontoon rental boats. We do not make exceptions.


30a Pontoon Rental boats are equipped with a radio, shade, etc. Our Double Decker pontoon rentals are equipped with a super fun water slide. 30a Pontoon Rental strongly recommends suntan lotion, and long sleeve moisture wicking shirts and water shoes. The sun can be very harsh, and a long sleeve moisture wicked shirt can help with the direct sunlight. Food on the water can be expensive. As a result, we recommend packing your own food and drinks. If you plan to drink alcohol, we strongly recommend rotating bottled waters between each drink. It's very easy to get dehydrated and sick while out on the water. STAY HYDRATED!


30a Pontoon Rental welcomes all ages on our pontoon rental boats. We’ve had newborns and people over 80 years old. However, there are a few things to consider. The boat ride from the 30a area near Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, etc. to Destin is about a 45-minute boat ride on average. Although it’s a fabulous ride, there are times when the water can be a little rough. Sometimes a 45-minute ride can be a challenge for babies under 4-5 months old. The sun is also an important factor in determining the age of a child on a pontoon rental boat. All of our boats have shade options. However, the sun still comes in the side of the boat.

DESTIN PONTOON RENTAL - We offer a second pontoon rental location in the Destin Harbor. The trip is only 4 hours as compared to 6, but it still gives our pontoon rental guests an opportunity to enjoy the water. Plus, the water isn’t as likely to be rough. Plus, if you ever have a fussy kid, you are closer to the dock. Keep in mind, most small kids find a boat ride very peaceful and will often fall asleep better than at home.


Another great option for family members is our Yacht Charters. With a Yacht Charter, all guests can comfortably relax both indoors and outdoors. There are even beds where little ones can take a nap if necessary. 30a Pontoon Rental offers a variety of different style yachts. Each Yacht Charter can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests plus a crew. Our Yacht Charters are located in the Destin Harbor. Visit 30A Yacht Charters


Our deep-sea fishing charters are incredible. Many fishing charters can be long, hot, and tiring. With 30a Pontoon Rental and 30a Yacht Charters you are on a Yacht / Fishing Charter combo. This is a beautiful 47 food Buddy Davis Yacht with room for up to 6 guests both outside or indoors in our heated and cooled saloon. Our deep-sea fishing charters are located in the Destin Harbor. 


30a Pontoon Rental offers a fabulous experience on a Water Trolley. This boat looks much like the fabulous gondola style boats in Italy or other countries. Although it’s not as big as a pontoon rental boat, it has room for 8 passengers. We offer 2-hour trips. Our Destin Water Trolley is located in the Destin Harbor. Guest will have to drive to Destin or get transportation down to Destin.


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