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We realize many of our 30a Pontoon Rental guests want a captained charter.  They don't want to drive the boat because they feel inexperienced, or maybe just want the peace of knowing the captain is responsible. 

30a Pontoon Rental offers you the chance of enjoying a day on the water, without the hassle or fear of driving a boat.

The United States Coast Guard allows us to provide our guests with a list of Designated Masters (Drivers).  These drivers are people we feel are more than qualified to operate our vessels.   Many of them have been operating boats for years and are very familiar with the Destin / 30a Waterways.


1. $120 Referral Fee- When you book the boat we charge a $120 referral fee.   This is paid UP FRONT when you book the boat. 

2.  LIST OF DRIVERS IS SENT- We send you a list of DESIGNATED MASTERS (boat drivers) via text or email. 

3. $50.00 an HOUR TO DRIVER- You pay $50.00 an hour the day of your event directly to the driver.  We ask guests to pay this at the beginning of the trip.   Drivers usually accept VENMO or CASH.   We are NOT allowed to charge you for the captain fees.  They must be paid at dock.  

4. GRATUITY- Drivers are happy to accept Gratuity.   

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