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The Best Fresh Seafood Along 30A

Beach vacations call for many things: fruity cocktails, clear water, and fresh sea food! There's nothing worse than going to a restaurant specifically for fresh fish or crab, only for your entrée to taste like it was frozen and defrosted before being prepared. When you order seafood, you expect it to be fresh and delicious. However, how do you know which eateries have good selection? We've got you! Here are some of the best spots for fresh seafood along 30A!

Brotula's Seafood House & Steamer - Named after the Cusk Eel, or the Bearded Brotula, this family-owned restaurant specializes in fresh, locally-sourced seafood!

Jackacuda's Seafood & Sushi - This 4 and 1/2 star restaurant has an impressive menu 's with fresh sushi, soups & salads, and delicious dinner entrees such as Andouille Crusted Amberjack and Swordfish Piccata.

Down Island Gulf Seafood - Chef-owned and family-operated, Down Island Gulf Seafood has a stunning food and drinks menu!

Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar - This dual-level hotspot was voted To 100 Places to Eat in USA in 2022 and is known for its live music and bayside views!

Skipper's Sea Food - With over 32 years of experience, Skipper's is committed to serving only the freshest seafood to their customers.

Outcast Seafood - 5 hard earned stars and two locations, Outcast Seafood has a hardcore menu full of huge flavors and fresh crab, shrimp, mussels, and so much more!

The Red Bar - Known it's funky vibes and occasional celebrity siting's, the menu serves up delicious crawfish, crab cakes, and fish of the day.

The Bay - Southern style cuisine featuring fresh seafood, lives music, and spectacular water views!

Old Bay Steamer - This eatery serves up the ultimate steamed seafood experience with seafood platters.

Stewby's Seafood Shanty - This eatery keeps seafood fresh and simple, serving up the classics 7-days a week!

Believe it or not, this isn't even a comprehensive list of all the best seafood around 30A and the Destin area, but it is a good start for someone whose new to the area. We now you'll be eating good if you visit just on of these local spots. And don't forget, if you like what you ate, leave a review and let them know that they're doing a good job!

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