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Crab Island & Why You Should Go

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Along the Emerald Coast and Route 30A there are miles and miles of phenomenal attractions that would make wonderful additions to any vacation bucket list. However, if you ask any of the locals, there is one spot that seems to stand far apart from the rest: Crab Island! For many tourists as well, Crab Island is a non-negotiable, ensuring that they have a boat, floaties, and cooler full of snacks and drinks. But what is so magical about the spot?

Lying just past the Destin Bridge at the very entrance of the Choctawatchee Bay, Crab Island is a essentially a sand bar of shallow, emerald-colored water that butts up to Ockaloosa Island. The water at Crab Island ranges from 1 to 4 feet deep making it a perfect spot to get out of your boat and wade through crystal clear waters. The water is traditionally the most beautiful at high tide, so try to book your boat for when the tide is up!

Not only is the water shallow, calm, and beautiful, Crab Island is a hub of activity! Amid the floating restaurants and small crafts peddling souvenirs and snacks, there are hundreds of fellow tourists jamming out to music through speakers, floating around, tossing back and forth a football and generally having a great time! The laid back atmosphere is contagious and you'll want to get a drink in your hand and layout on a floaty amid the the Crab Island-goers!

Crab Island doesn't just attract humans! Through clear waters, you can easily spot several species of native Florida wildlife who also enjoy the mild waters of the sandbar. Some of the animals you may see include hermit crabs, dolphins, a variety of fish, etc.

There are a few bits of information that you should be aware of before you head out for a day at Crab Island. For starters, you need a boat to get there as you have to cross a very congested section of water with strong currents (not even a paddle board will safely get you there). You just need to make sure that you keep your boat at an idle!

As far as the current is concerned, make sure to never walk into the deeper, darker waters along the edge of the sandbar as it drops away quite swiftly and the currents are dangerously strong. As long as you stick to the lighter waters, you are 100% safe!

Finally, if you plan on consuming alcohol, make sure to pack plenty because Florida law prohibits vendors from selling alcohol; just make sure you have a designated driver for your boat, or hire a captain. Many boat rentals (30A Pontoon Rental, for example) offer captain services, simply ask at time of booking.

We highly recommend that everyone who vacations in the 30A area stop by Crab Island at least once! But be warned, once you go once, you're going to want to return year after year!

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