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Bringing Your Dog to 30A

No one likes leaving their dog for days at a time. Even the most stoic heart feels sad knowing that their furry friend will either be home alone with a sitter or in a noisy boarding facility for days on end until they return. More frequently, vacationers are bringing their pets with them to spare on boarding fees and the trauma of separation for that many days! There are a few things you need to know before bringing a dog to 30A - let’s talk about it!

First things first, you absolutely must rent a place that allows pets. Sneaking a pet into a condo, Airbnb, VRBO, etc, is very disrespectful. Also, you risk paying inflated damage fines in the event your dog breaks or destroys something, and the owners find out it was a pet that was snuck in. Several rentals in the area are fur-friendly and will welcome your pup with open arms - just do your research and find a rental that works for your needs.

The next thing to prepare for before bringing your dog with you is to think about how the heat will affect them. If you are from a relatively cooler climate, say Michigan or Minnesota, consider that a large temperature could be a hard adjustment for your pup.For example, if you plan on taking your dog to one of the open shopping centers, remember that the sidewalks and asphalt get very, very hot. Consider dog boots. Burnt paws are extremely painful and not an easy wound to get healed quickly.

Next, know where you can, and can NOT, take your dog. For example, none of the beaches along 30A (Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain BEach, Destin, etc) do not allow dogs on the beach. There are exceptions for locals which includes registering your dog and getting the proper permits, as well as following a strict schedule that dictates when dogs are and aren’t allowed. If you choose to take your dog anyway, you risk hefty fines if you are caught by a Conservation Officer or County Sheriff, both of which patrol the beaches daily.

Allow constant access to water - the heat is affecting your dog just as much as it is you, perhaps even more. Large bowls of water with ice chips are a hit. If your dog seems to still be too hot, splash cool water on the underside of their belly. This is faster acting than dribbling water down their back and neck. Fans that mist water are also a smart option.

Be respectful. Pick up your dog’s poop. If your dog doesn’t have perfect recall, do NOT let them off leash in a public space. In many public spaces, dogs are required to be on leashes at all times; follow the rules and keep your dog on leash, even inf they have perfect recall. Respect that some people are afraid of dogs and be aware of your surroundings.

If your dog has sensitive skin, consider putting a light pet shirt on them to avoid getting sand in their fur and along their skin. This can be super itchy and irritating and start a vicious cycle of scratching that can lead to hotspots. Believe us, we know from experience! Check with your vet about allergens local to 30A and how they may affect more sensitive dogs.

If you take your dog to one of our many beautiful parks, just remember… all florida water has alligators in it. We don’t make the rules, but we do respect them. Dogs get eaten by alligators every year. Keep your og close to you and only allow them to wade in water that is clear. Even shallow water isn’t safe if you can’t see the bottom.

Do not leave your dog in a turned off car for any reason, or length of time. If you need to run into a store to stock up on sunscreen and beach snacks, just leave the car running. What you lose in gas money (a few dollars at absolutely most) is better than someone calling the police or your dog getting overheated. Heat stroke in dogs is very bad.

Lastly, have fun!! Bringing your pet is so much fun! Snuggling with your best buddy after a long day in the sun is a top 10 feeling. We just want to make sure that you are fully prepared so that you and your dog have the best vacation together!

Also, while your in the area, check out 30A Pontoon Rentals! They allow dogs on their boats for a small pet charge! Take your fur-buddy on the ride of their life aboard one of the many pontoons that they have available to rent! Visit or call (850) 220-6400.

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