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5 Unique Activities for the Beach

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

You've packed a lunch, sunscreen, and towels. The kids made it onto the sand with minimal drama. SPF 50 is applied in layers. Everyone has taken turns laying in the sun and wading in the surf. Your 30A adventure is underway! And then you hear a parents most dreaded statement; "I'm bored".

Even at the most amazing beach, it can be hard to keep kids busy and content. With beaches like Santa Rosa, Destin, and Miramar, the key is to utilize the fluffy, white sand for activities to keep even the most picky kiddo busy. Here are 5 easy activities to add to your vacation checklist that add minimal items to your packing list while providing maximal fun!

Sand Art

One pack of assorted food coloring can provide hours of sandy fun with sand art. Using food coloring drops to mix up batches of beautiful sand, sprinkle the various colors in intricate patterns. Perfect for younger kids, ages 4 and up.

Sand Sculpting Contest

The sand along Miramar and Santa Rosa beach isn't just beautiful; it's perfect for sand sculpting. Unlike its cousin, the sand castle, that is built up, a sand sculpture is dug down. Not only do you need less supplies (just a shovel or scraper tool), but its less likely to randomly fall apart mid-design. Get kids of any age involved with a friendly competition.


Running around in the sand is no joke and can drain even the most active 10 year old. But who wants the hassle of setting up a volleyball net? Spikeball is a happy alternative to volleyball being easy to transport, set up, and learn. Most kits come in a convenient travel bag and are a great option for a large group.

Beach Bowling

It doesn't get much easier than this! All you need is a dodge ball and some spaced out holes in the sand. Give each hole a numeric value and bowl to see who can land their ball in the highest valued hole. Add to the difficulty by creating hills and valleys in the sand surrounding the holes.


Try YOLO boards at the beach. A super fun way to enjoy the water and check your balancing skills.

RC Racing

A word of caution: this is NOT a practical idea but it is sure to keep your kids very entertained! Using sand to create jumps and curves, carve out a racing course. Then set up two, or more, RC cars and put on a racing championship. For situations where there are more participants than cars, create a bracket system so everyone gets a fair shot at competing.

Never again can your kids claim "I'm bored..." at the beach. With these 5 activities, your kids will be able to create lifelong memories of their stay at 30A. And mom and dad will be able to get the relaxation in the sun that they deserve.

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