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30A Vacation Do's and Don'ts

Updated: May 2, 2023

We know how much time and thought goes into vacations! It starts as an idea, then plans start to form, budgets are drawn up and money saved! With so many steps involved, it can be so discouraging when small things go wrong and dampen the fun. So let's talk about 30A vacation do's and don'ts so you can avoid those all too common vacation pitfalls while visiting this stunning area!

Do: Research the area before arriving

There are several amazing ways to get information on the area you're heading to. Each town along 30A has super informational websites, as well as very active Facebook pages where locals and tourists alike chip in various topics of information.

Don't: Don't forget to allot plenty of time to get anywhere

Unless you plan your trip for the off-season months, like September - February, there will be traffic. We understand that tourists don't know the area well, which adds to traffic back-up. Make sure you are planning for this delays so it doesn't cause issues with reservations or other time-sensitive outings.

Do: Shop at Mom & Pop shops, and not just the main souvenir stores

We've all seen Alvin's Island and Surf Style merch. But they aren't the only ones with great trinkets and wearables to take home. 30A is dotted with awesome boutiques and shops that have one-of-a-kind finds! Visit Alvin's and Surf Style, but don't be afraid to get off the beaten path and check out some of the smaller shops!

Don't: Forget Sunscreen

This one may seem so silly, but if you find yourself already at the beach or on a boat and realize you didn't pack any, you will be hurting by the end of the day! The Florida sun is no joke and shows no mercy, even if you have a base tan going. The kids may give you a hard time about wearing their SPF, but blistering from a severe sunburn can and will ruin the rest of your days at the beach.

Do: Wash your gear after a day at the beach

Salt water is full of living organisms and if left unchecked, your swim gear and towels will turn! Even just a rinse with water will help keep your gear fresh. And don't forget to hose down fabric beach chairs; mold happens fast!!

Don't: Don't leave valuables unattended

We hate that this is even a thing we have to warn you about, but not all guests at the beach care about your vacation or stuff. Keep valuables on your person, or pack them in an unassuming container that can be concealed. Fortunately, most beach goers around here never experience theft, but it's always good to be aware.

Do: Pick up trash, even if its not yours

Our beaches are known for their pristine beauty and cleanness, which encourages natural populations, like sea turtles to feel safe on our shores to lay their eggs. While most trash is already picked up, if you see a bit of garbage, grab it! Our beaches even have handy baskets that make picking up your trash and hauling it to trash cans so easy.

Don't: Don't misplace your hotel key!!

This is a painfully obvious one, but it happens! Jostled between people, wallets, and beach bags, these little cards are notorious for vanishing with no trace. Designate one (or two, depending on how many copies you get) person as the "Keeper of the Key". That individual will be responsible for the key, and will be in charge of making sure that others who borrow it, return it after use.

Do: Pack a lunch a few times

Spare yourself from rushing around and traffic frustrations with some good old fashioned sandwiches. Once you check into your room, stop at the store and either grab some premade sandwiches from the deli, or get the ingredients to make them yourself! Not a fan of sandwiches? Protein bars, pre-made salads, sushi platers, and a plethora of other options make for amazing snacking at the beach... plus, you'll save yourself some serious money!

Don't: Don't burn yourself out in the first day of your trip!

There is SO much to see and do around here that you will want to pace yourself so you have time and energy to fit everything! Pace your sun exposure and cash, in particular! A 2nd degree sunburn on day one makes future excursions out to the beach painful! And just like any tourist town, there is a lot of different ways to spend money along 30A! Have a plan and prioritize what you truly want to spend your money on - any leftover money can be used for spontaneous spending towards the end of your trip.

Do: Rent a Tritoon from 30A Pontoon Rental

Any trip to 30A is not complete unless you spend at least one day at Crab Island; and the best boats to get you there at Tritoons. Tritoons sit on three logs instead of two, a design that gives them increased stability and maximized safety for bay waters. Standard pontoons sit on only two logs, making them great for the calm waters of a lake, but more of a liability on big waters, like that at Crab Island. Book your Tritoon at or call (850) 220-6400.

Don't: Don't let your phone distract your from the beauty of the ocean

We know it's so hard to put the phone down sometimes. But we think that it will be worth reducing the screen time, and increasing family time. The kid's can always play their little games later, for now, challenge them to castle building or splashing contests! Live in the moment; you won't be disappointed!

We know this is not a comprehensive list of vacation do's and don'ts but at least you're off to a great start! our biggest recommendation is to relax - if you encounter hitches in your plans, reframe and adjust, and laugh about it! Every vacation has some unavoidable bumps, but as long as you've planned well, they'll only be minor and you can find a laugh in the whole thing!

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