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The Destin Boardwalk

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Nearly 200 years ago, a Connecticut captain named Leonard Destin founded a fishing camp. 60 years later, his friend Billy Marler officially named the location "Destin", described it as "the luckiest fishing village in the world", and realized the potential to draw tourists to the area. And the rest is history.

Ever since then, Destin has been a hub of fishing and tourism, with hundreds of thousands of tourists migrating each year to get a taste of the 30A lifestyle! Near both Oskaloosa and Crab Island, Destin features memorable land and water features. These geographic wonders is why the completion of the Destin Boardwalk along the Destin Harbor in 2012 was the perfect addition to the city, tying land and sea together seamlessly.

Home to the largest fleet in Florida, over 150 charters and party boats operating out of the busy water. Strolling down the Boardwalk, you can watch countless charters leaving for open waters, as well as returning, laden with exotic fish. With countless of delicious species of fish such as mahi-mahi, tuna, redfish and tarpon inhabiting the waters, you never know what you will see being unloaded.

Dotting the boardwalk are an assortment of restaurants and souvenir shops, perfect for escaping the summer heat. Climb a rock wall, order some sweets, or have a competitive game of put put… possibilities are endless. Experience classic Destin tourism at it's finest.

From small fishing village to the hub of 30A tourism, Destin is a vacation must-see! With memorable stops like the Destin Harbor and Boardwalk, you are sure to want to return year after year. So start your tradition today; book your Destin vacation and start your Emerald Coast tradition today!

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