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Small party on a big pontoon rental?

We've had people call us this spring when we eliminated our 23 foot pontoon rentals. They were concerned that our 28 foot pontoon rentals would be too big. Some only had a party of 3-4 people. They just didn't think they wanted that much more boat.

Yes, a 28 foot boat is 5 feet bigger. I think people think it's like driving a big truck as compared to a compact car. That's not it at all. Actually, a bigger boat handles better.

Let me explain. The water on the Choctowatchee Bay can be rough. We can often see 2-4 foot swells. Most people don't realize how big that is. If you are on a 23 foot boat, you feel every single one of those swells. Even if the swells are only 1-2 feet, a 23 foot boat is going to rock up and down heavily. However, most swells on the water are 15-18 feet apart. What does that mean. It means a 28 foot boat spreads the boat over the wake and the pontoon rental boat doesn't get rocked as hard. It's actually dramatically smoother. Clients notice a massive difference. The longer boat coast over the top of the swells, where the smaller pontoon rental boat gets impacted by each swell.

THe ride from 30a to Destin is about 25 miles. It takes about 1 hour or sometimes 1.5 hours to get there by car. With a 28 foot boat, you can get there in 45 minutes or less. HOwever, if you are on a 23 foot boat, you will have to slow down and sometimes take an alternative route. The difference between being on a 28 foot boat as compared to a 23 foot boat is often 10-15 minutes different. That's 30 minutes of your time wasted because you are dealing with rough water conditions.

Also, a 28 foot boat is equally as easy to drive as compared to a 23 foot pontoon rental. There is no noticeable difference. Actually, in some cases, they are a little easier to control because they have more weight and don't have to be impacted by the currents as much.

One final thing. A 28 foot boat allows guests to lay out and relax. Why be scrunched up on a small boat when a big pontoon rental boat gives you plenty room to enjoy the sun, water, etc. 30a Yacht Charter (850) 655-8670

Pontoon Boat Rental 30a 64 Crossing Ln Unit B, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 (850) 220-6400

Santa Rosa Beach Pontoon Rental 30a 218 Calusa Blvd, Destin, FL 32541 (850) 655-8680

Santa Rosa Beach Pontoon Rental 30a 15 Winston Ln, Panama City Beach, FL 32413 (850) 220-6400

30A Pontoon Rental and Car Rental (850) 655-8490

Inlet Beach Pontoon Rental 30a (850) 655-8630

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